imaginary lab #1 – introspection

interactive installation

imaginarylab#1Imaginary lab #1 is an altercation with the importance of reaching more than the others through personal commitment and self-motivation. Investing your personal time and energy shows to be of great importance for sucess in life since each human being is responsible for its own circumstances.
Or is there the slight chance that our surrounding, backgrounds and society has some impact on our lives? Who are those “others” that we want to be better than?
What does it mean to be better?

The setup consists of a monitor or projection of the live image of the viewer of the piece.
The viewer is requested to wear headphones with an audio of a voice confronting the person listening with  while observing himself/herself in the live camera image of him/herself in front of him/her.
The live image is a mixture of the observer with an abstract wireframe reacting to the noise of the surrounding.

concept and work: Ela Sattler
process in collaboration with  Esther Schneider
software: Modul8, Quartz Composer
hardware: laptop, camera, projektor, headphones