2 -Kanal Videoinstallation 2min 17sek, photo prints

Galerie Marenzi Leibnitz 2017
Berlin Flash Film Festival 2018 

OACHAN (styrian dialect word for Oak-tree) works with the concept of power within a room. it is based on non verbal communication between the lay-performers and the power of nature. 
Nature takes a big role of power in the associative film OAK. 
Macro and CloseUps underline this emotional power of nature. 
Gesture and Mimik is the base for the non-verbal communication of the performers whom are all people of agricultural families of south styria. The connection of these performers working closely with nature all year long supports the idea of nature and the human being. 
Furthermore an utopia of a non gender-conformative world is part of the performance of power within a room. 
The work OAK opens a room of freedom playing with power struggle and conflict.

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