confinement of determination

interaktive Videoinstallation




it is a focus on the subjective status of a human being within its sourrounding and society.
It is a devaluation of the independent status of mankind as it is perceived in every day life and our present cultural belief through giving the present of the observer the same ponderousity as a simple object.
It is the object above everything.
It is as it is.
It is a biased society with believe in oneself.
It is one against infinity.
It is a multiplication.


The viewer is perceiving an algorythmic sequence of abstract objects relativating the room onf the installation. Moving closer to the objects a various number of more objects is evolving. These are in connection to the position of the face of the viewer.
However they will always be outnumbered by the projection of the objects themselves not being influenced in their existence by the objects of presence of a face.
The presence of the face becomes a simple form within others and furthermore a visualisation of data collected of presence.

The human face is important for communication of emotions trough facial expressions; more or less an expression of data open to collect for the others. Reduced to a simple shape all this information is lost and not valid within this room inhabited by objects.

The viewer is confronted with data, which emerges without their influence.
Moreover, the process creates a cluster of objects and presence in the context of algorythm.




Dauer der Ausstellung: 12. September 2014 bis 10. Oktober 2014 raum I RED DISK – BLACK BOOK Jürgen Paas raum II VON KATZEN UND ROBOTERN Niki Passath raum III IMAGINARY LAB#5 – CONFINEMENT OF DETERMINATION Ela Sattler & Bernd Eiling

GPL contemporary Sonnenfelsgasse 6, 1010 Wien