imaginary lab #2b

Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum, Karlsplatz Wien

fluorescent colour, glitter, acrylic binder, dirty blue dispersion

the advertisment boards are painted with dispersion colour to transform their ordinary, trashy appearance into a seemingly slick surface revealing through unevenness caused by the different posters underneath its honest provenance.
Substantiating and satirizing are letters written in golden glitter. Alltogether it supports the seemingly clean impression of the reworked wall leaving but little hints to its former purpose and athmosphere.

The piece is concipated for the area at Karlsplatz in vienna, which is one of the trouble zones of this city. Spending time in this throughway to the subway, leaves many people with an impression of uneasyness. The area is very interesting as it is considered dangerous being a meeting point for people ejected by society and so controlled a lot by police, who is trying to clean out the Karlsplatz area, being located close to the center and the Opera house of Vienna.

The implementation of “imaginary lab #2” is directly linked to its surrounding.
Perceiving Letters written in golden glitter a first inpression of the newborn atmosphere of this area already has been made.
Now the viewer is ready to read a sentence treating the subject of failure. “ i am failing today__”  .


essence 13


The Essence 2013
26. Juni 2013 – 14. Juli 2013

imaginary lab #2B

Wandarbeit, K-Haus Passage
Dispersion, Glitter

Danke an:
Robert Pfaller, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, Johanna Kandl