cotidie notidia

videoinstallation in coorporation with Ines Appolinario

2 TV screens opposite to each other answering each others questions. Its a conversation on tape with two people speaking two different languages. For the viewer it is of mere importance to understaBildschirmfoto 2013-08-06 um 21.17.40nd the language since the performers are simply stating facts of online data mechanisms such as click rates and other statistics.
2 chairs are standing, one each, in front of the TVs inviting guests to take a seat and join the conversation in which no influence from the outside is possible since the tape is already recorded and just been played.
Moreover, which side you pick, the viewer will be able to hear both parts of the conversation seeing one of the performers.
Throughout the video it is certain that both of them are enjoying a random breakfast, chatting, and maybe telling each other some secret stories. Those will never be revealed cause the content of the conversation is sealed through the replacement of words by statistical data.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-06 um 21.17.34P1: 1020 percentos
p2: art der firma, schönheit und Pflege
p1: 3003 percentos y
p2: öffnungsrate 4,64 %, Klickrate 4 %
p1: statistica aberta sobre politicas

presented 2012 at Pre-Reforma, Lisboa
2012, Lisboa, Portugal