interactive Video Installation

FUCKYEAH! is the room installation to the video pieces of “rarely today”.

An installation combining different worlds. A Potatoe is used as a joystick to navigate threw videoworks projected on the walls. Plants are used to take over the room. all people entering are bystanders to a persona evolving from nothingness. a female artist possesing a room with the power of plants and technology.
We enter and a video with the female artist hitting the table with a fist is permanently dominating the room. When the visitors touch the potatoes in the middle of the room the video disappears and there appear videos of people in cellars stacking potatoes, a glitter persona in a different cellar dancing and people stuck in one position in different scenarios.  It’s inside worlds colliding with an outside world. 

this work was shown at:

Mz Balthazar*s labratory, Vienna, 2017
AA-Collection, Vienna, 2017